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Driving from Arenal (La Fortuna) to Monteverde
Total Driving Time: 3-4 hours
Total Distance: 106.5 KMS

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1. Starting at the park of La Fortuna, follow the signs to Tilarán. This road skirts around the base of the Arenal Volcano, after 13.2 KMS you will come to the Arenal Volcano National Park and 2.8 KMS later you will see Lake Arenal on your left.

2. Continue around the lake for 26.5 KMS until you get to the town of Nuevo Arenal, at this point, turn right and drive 27.5 KMS until you get to the town of Tilaran. On your right you will see a restaurant and souvenir shop called Aroma Tico. This is a good place for a pit stop. If you need fuel, across the street from Aroma Tico is the gas station.

3. To continue to Monteverde, stay straight on the road that you came on from Fortuna for 5 blocks, then turn left for 1 block and then turn right.

4. Stay on this road for 6.01 KMS until you get to the town of Pueblo Ganado and turn left onto a cement road, follow this road for 1.7 KMS until you get to a Y in the road.

5. At the Y in the road turn right onto the gravel road and continue for 4.3 KMS to the town of San Miguel and continue another 3KMS where you will come to an intersection.

6. At this intersection turn right and drive 2.7 KMS to the town of La Florida and 2.1KMS later, the town of El Dos.

7. At El Dos take a left and drive 5.6 KMS to the town of Cabeceras where you keep going straight ahead for 1.7 KMS to the town of Turin where you turn left.

8. After 1.8 KMS you will be in the small town of Los Tornos continue for 2.5KMS to an intersection.

9. At this intersection there is a sign indicating the way to the town of Santa Elena to the left, follow this road for 2.6 KMS to the next intersection.

10. Take a left and keep going for 0.3KMS and you will be on asphalt.

11. Keep going 0.7KMS and you will be in the town of Santa Elena.

12. Stay on the main street until you get to a business located at a T in the road called Vitosi, take a right 0.2 KMS to the next and final intersection.

13. Take a left and follow that road 0.6KMS where you will see the entrance to Monteverde Lodge & Gardens on your right.

From Monteverde to Arenal (La Fortuna)
Total Driving Time: 3-4 hours

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1. At the entrance to Monteverde Lodge & Gardens turn left and continue 0.6 KMS to the intersection, turn right going into the town of Santa Elena.

2. Drive up the hill and take the second left hand turn.

3. Stay on this street for 0.1 KMS and then turn right, stay on this paved road for 0.6KMS to the gravel road.

4. Drive 0.3 KMS and turn left continue on this road, you will pass three side streets on your right, keep going for 2.6 KMS to a road sign with directions to the town of Tilarán.

5. Turn right and drive 2.5KMS to the town of Los Tornos

6. Continue 1.8KMS to the town of Turin, turn right.

7. Drive 1.7 KMS to the town of Cabeceras passing through and continue for 5.6KMS until you get to the town of El Dos.

8. Turn right, and drive 2.1 KMS to the town of Florida, keep going for another 2.7 KMS until you get to a Y in the road.

9. Take a left at the Y and drive 3.0 KMS to the town of San Miguel

10. Keep going for 4.3 KMS to an intersection.

11. Turn left onto a concrete road and drive 1.7 KMS to the town of Quebrada Grande.

12. Turn right onto asphalt and continue for 6.1 KMS to the town of Tilarán.

13. Upon entering the town of Tilarán take the second left and drive 0.1 KMS and turn right, drive 5 blocks to a Y in the road.

14. At this point you have reached the restaurant and souvenir shop, Aroma Tico and the gas station. Time for a break!

15. To continue to Arenal, take the right fork in the road following the signs to La Fortuna.

16. Drive 27.5 KMS around the lake to an intersection in the town of Nuevo Arenal.

17. Turn left and continue 26.5 KMS where you will come to Lake Arenal. The entrances to the Lost Iguana Hotel, the Arenal Lodge and the Arenal Hanging Bridges are on the left just before the lake, there will be signs.

18. Continue 2.8KMS and pass the entrance to Arenal Volcano National Park.

19. Starting at this point there will be hotels on both sides of the road all the way to Fortuna. Find out exactly where your hotel is located before leaving Monteverde Lodge so that you can be on the lookout at the right place and don't end up having to back track from La Fortuna.

20. Continue 13.1 KMS to the town of La Fortuna.

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Type of Vehicle: Best done in a 4x4 vehicle

Recommended time to drive: Early morning, give yourself plenty of time so that you navigate these country roads during the day.

Fuel: It's best to fill your tank before leaving Fortuna but if you are unable to do that, you have another opportunity in Tilarán, 42.5KMS after leaving La Fortuna.

Recommended Stop en Route: Aroma Tico in the town of Tilarán. This is a great place to grab a bite to eat, use the restrooms and stretch your legs. As with all stops in Costa Rica, DO NOT leave your vehicle unattended. Take turns using the facilities and never leave your vehicle alone. Put all of your belongings in the trunk and out of sight. They are routinely broken into at road side restaurants.

Driving Recommendations: You will encounter narrow, winding gravel roads. Expect fast moving vehicles and large trucks coming down the mountain. Be especially vigilant on blind curves.

Definition of a Town: As you go through these driving instructions, you will be passing through many places that are referred to as "towns". Please bear in mind that some of these towns are not much more than a church and a school, sometimes not even that. Others will be bigger. Don't worry if the locations seem too small, they are rural Costa Rican towns.

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